Cyber Human Intelligence

Here I will be sharing some of the research I am doing in my free time, and possibly some old research I find value in. I hope that this research may be of interest to fellow nerds. I feel documenting my experiments, research, code, and findings could be a great resource to many others.

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BrightData Exposed

Shocking revelations about BrightData’s proxy network: how people are making money off your internet connection and what they’re doing with it. This article will give an in-depth analysis of the BrightData Network, what criminals are doing with it, and how it affects you. Get ready for Ad Fraud, Credential Stuffing, Account Takeover, Credit Card Fraud, Scams, Malware, Phishing, Porn and possibly more!





Mysterium DVPN

Mysterium DVPN is a Distributed VPN product that mines the crypto currency Myst. Miners share their home internet connection with people online in order to mine the crypto currency. As of today, there is a little over 11,000 nodes available online offering VPN access to their personal networks.

In my research you will be able to see what kind of traffic my node is presently seeing, how I am collecting it, and any observations I make.


Anti-Detection Anti-Fingerprint Browsers

An anti-detect browser is a type of app that is modelled after popular web browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox. It allows users to create discrete web browsing sessions which have their own individual digital fingerprint; this includes different browser headers and other identifying data. This is so that websites are unable to track the sessions and link them together.

These browsers are often utilized to access multiple accounts on social media, manage merchant profiles on ecommerce platforms like Amazon, or to run Google Adwords. They are used for the ultimate anonmity for all sorts of illegal activity. This blog post will be ever expanding with more browsers.




Residential Proxy Networks and Proxyware

Proxy servers and VPNs can be useful tools, but they can also be used for nefarious purposes. Residential proxy networks can be used to hide the location and identity of users, enabling them to engage in abusive or illegal activities. Android malware is a growing threat, and can steal sensitive information, send spam messages, and perform other malicious activities. To protect against these threats, it is important to use proxyware and VPNs responsibly, and to use antivirus software to scan for and remove malware from your devices.