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I have been researching malware and PUPs (Potentially unwanted Programs) for the last 6 years. This technology can be considered both beneficial and malicious depending on how it is used.

My research will focus on the good, bad, and ugly of these applications.

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Cory Kujawski Of Digital Element On What We Must Do To Protect Critical Industrial Systems From Cyber Attacks


KEYNOTE: – Cory Kujawski & Jonathan Tomek | CypherCon 6.0

Cory Kujawski: IP You P We All P on UPNP

Who am I

Security Research for the past 20 years

Engineer who codes in both system programming languages and interpreted languages

Public Speaker both Nationally and Internationally

Volunteer – Convention OPS, CTF designer, Supporting women in cyber

Artificial Intelligence Expert with experience in Visual Identification and LLM

Father and Husband

Custom GPTs

Jira Ticket Creator




“Cory is a fantastic person to have on your team! He is always positive and is talented in many different areas. I have always found him to be an absolute pleasure to work with and have learned many technical skills through our interactions. Cannot recommend highly enough! “

Marcelle Lee

Cybersecurity Researcher | Author | Educator | CTF Builder & Player | Public Speaker | Mentor | Cyberjutsu BoD | Cert Collector: GIACx7 CISSP C|HFI C|EH PenTest+ Sec+ Net+ CCNA

Let’s dream together and research as a community

Research is only as fun as the community you surround yourself with. Please keep up to date as I host Live Jitsi Sessions and community chat!

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”


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